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This Is One Spooky Abandoned Airport

Nicosia Airport never reopened after the war in Cyprus.

Nicosia Airport in Cyprus has been abandoned since 1974. Ever since the Turkish invasion on July 20th, all commercial activity had ceased. The airport, which was constructed in the 1930s, had been the scene of some heavy fighting between Turkey and Cyprus. After that, the United Nations Security Council declared the Nicosia airport a United Nations Protected Area during the battle. Both sides had to retreat more than 500 meters beyond the airport’s perimeter.

On August 16th of 1974, a ceasefire agreement was signed. At that point, the airport became part of the UN’s controlled Buffer Zone, separating the two warring communities on the island.

Nicosia airport has not been a fully functional airport since then. Still, the site supports active United Nations helicopters, and headquarters the UN peacekeeping mission in Cyprus. The airport is also used for international peace talks. The airport was, and is, owned by the British Ministry of Defense.

In 1975, both the Greek and the Turkish communities agreed to jointly reopen the Nicosia airport. However, talks regarding this matter did not progress smoothly. In fact, this video footage seems to show that they never did any remodeling after the war. The entire property is in ruins. See the derelict buildings. View the broke down planes. Listen to the jaw harp music twanging in the background. It is a spooky, lonely, trashy looking place.

This video also shows a few nice vintage photos from when Nicosia airport was open for business. It would bring a tear to the eye of any avgeek.  It’s a snapshot back to the airport scenes of the 1970s.

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