One Of The Air Force’s Newest Majors Will Fly Over The Super Bowl Today As Thunderbird #2

He had the best promotion ceremony ever!

Promotion ceremonies are always special.  It is a moment to reflect on the awesome responsibility of being a commissioned officer or enlisted member of our armed services.  Most ceremonies are pretty plain vanilla.  They are held in an auditorium or in front of an office.  Occasionally they are held in a hangar in front of jets or even downrange when one takes place during a deployment.

We’re pretty sure that Major Select Ryan Bodenheimer of Thunderbird #2 had the best promotion ceremony ever. While flying in formation in his Thunderbird F-16 jet, Major Bodenheimer’s boss (aka Thunderbird #1) provided a few kind words over the radio then promoted him. Major Bodenheimer solemnly repeated the oath while flying in precise formation with a keen eye on Thunderbird #1.

At the conclusion of the oath, the Thunderbirds team celebrated with a ‘bon ton roulle’ formation roll. You can see the awesome video below that was originally posted to the US Air Force Thunderbirds Facebook page.

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Written by Avgeekery

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