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NextGen Sub Hunting Navy Jet Makes Sporty Approach to Wet Runway

Screen capture from video by Topfelya on YouTube.

The Boeing P-8 Poseidon is a 737 that was modified to be used by the United States Navy. It is characterized by a long, sleek, strengthened fuselage and the characteristic Boeing tail. It is more than 129 feet long, with a wing span of more than 123 feet including a very unique set of raked wingtips instead of winglets. From the ground to the top of the tail, the plane is more than 42 feet tall. The Boeing P-8 has an average cruise speed of 440 knots, and a maximum speed of 470 knots. The P-8 is designed to carry torpedoes, harpoon missiles, and other weapons.

This video clip, published on September 5th of 2016, shows a Boeing P-8 Poseidon making avery sporty tactical approach and landing on a rainy, slippery runway, at the Farnborough 2016 airshow.

The Boeing P-8 took its maiden voyage on April 25th of 2009, but needed further testing. It was finally introduced to the U.S. Navy in November of 2013. As of January 2015, there have been 29 Boeing P-8 aircraft manufactured. The P-8’s first international customer was India, whose ministers of defense signed a 2.1 billion dollar agreement on January 4th of 2009. Primary users of the Boeing P-8 are the United States Navy and the Indian Navy.

In November of 2015, the UK announced its intention to purchase up to nine Boeing P-8 aircraft, at a cost of 3.2 billion dollars. The most recent international entities showing interest in the Boeing P-38 are Italy, Turkey, Norway, and the Royal New Zealand Air Force.

Video was originally posted by TopFelya on Youtube.  You can follow his Facebook page here.

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