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New England Patriots Buy Their Own 767 Fleet, Low Tire Pressure A Possibility

Souce: Twitter @Patriots

The New England Patriots announced yesterday that they have secured two Boeing 767-300ER aircraft to support the team this season. While other professional sports teams have leased (or owned) aircraft before, this represents the first time that a NFL team has purchased two aircraft for such an assignment. ESPN, who first broke the story, mentioned that both jets have been retrofitted with first class seats in a luxury charter configuration.

The jets are former American Airlines 767-300ER aircraft. As you can see in the leaked photo, the jets will feature the Patriots colors along with 5 painted Lombardi trophies on the tail. They will be available for charter for other teams during the offseason.

It is expected that purchases like this one will become more common by NFL teams. The charter market has become more expensive and challenging as of late. As airlines have recovered from the financial challenges of the past decade, the cost to charter an aircraft has risen dramatically.  Availability has also decreased as demand has risen. Earlier this year, American Airlines also announced that they would no longer support charter operations for six teams.

We at Avgeekery aren’t Patriots fans, we have to ask, will mechanics set the tire pressure intentionally low? I kid.  Enjoy your new ride, Brady…you earned it!

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