Mav is Back! Official Trailer For Top Gun 2 is Here

The official trailer to Top Gun 2 has been released by Paramount pictures. While we’ve seen many unofficial teasers and a whole host of parodies, this is the real deal.

It’s been 33 years since we last caught up with Mav. Much has changed in the world since Mav first graced the skies back in 1986. The F-14 was retired, the Soviet Union fell, and Mav himself has been promoted…albeit much slower than his peers. The trailers has some mouthwatering scenes in an F/A-18 Super Hornet along with a short teaser in dialog alluding to the fact that Mav while he is a hero, he never lost his rough edges throughout his extraordinarily long military career.

The trailer was released as part of Comicon San Diego, an annual gathering of movies, entertainment, and comic. The film itself is scheduled to be released in the Summer of 2020. Feast your eyes on this teaser and bask in a film that Paramount hopes will cash in on some ’80s nostalgia. Will the long-awaited sequel be a big hit or a massive dud? Less than a year until we find out…