Hilarious Things Airline Pilots Say as Told by Lego Stop Motion Video

Some pilots say flying isn’t all “rainbows and butterflies”.  Other’s say it’s just “work, work, work, work…”

Being an airline pilot is a great deal.  Your office is a cockpit.  No one bothers you on your days off.  You don’t have to check your e-mail every five minutes.  It’s still not perfect though.  Flying isn’t what it used to be.  Mindless passengers mistake you for a bus driver or even worse a security guard.  Not every crew rest hotel is glamourous.  And contract negotiations lead to contentious debates in the cockpit during that redeye.

This hilarious skit – as told by Legos and high quality sets – highlights some of the annoying things about being an airline pilot.

This video was first uploaded on YouTube by Balroc12.