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Listen to the Last F-4 Phantoms Roar over Oshkosh

Courtesy of AirshowStuff
Courtesy of AirshowStuff
Courtesy of AirshowStuff

You can call that rumble music to my ears!

Our friends at AirshowStuff have captured the beautiful roar of  J-79s as the buzz Oshkosh as part of EAA’s annual Fly In.  These beautiful jets out of Holloman Air Force Base performed a spectacularly loud flyby and low approach.  The F-4 is one of avgeek’s most favorite fighter jets.  Over 5,000 were produced.  Most US Air Force jets were retired back in the 1990s.  Today, there are less than a dozen QF-4s in service with a smattering of F-4s still flying in foreign Air Forces like Turkey, South Korea, and Iran and one privately owned Phantom.

They are all expected to be used as target practice this year.  Once the supply of QF-4s is gone, the Air Force will officially transition to the QF-16 as practice targets.  The F-16s have been reconfigured to fly as drone targets.

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