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Listen to the legendary UH-1 Huey Startup and Spool up in Surround Sound

The Bell UH-1 Iroquois helicopter remains as strong and innovative as it did back in its early years at its first launch. Most common known as the “Huey,” the aircraft is known for its slim, distinct, twin blade main and tail rotor design. The first generation Huey provided service for commercial and military purposes. The Bell Huey II took the place of the initial, Vietnam-era sibling, and now poses a wide array of capabilities, performing for HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Medical Services), search and rescue operations, a troop transport for the military, and Parapublic missions. The modern version has a spacious 220 cubic foot cabin volume, an amount accommodating to seat for up to 14 people, and can lift up to nearly 5,000 pounds, making and proving new grounds so the “Bell Huey provides a flexible, economical, high performance medium helicopter solution”. (

This video features the Bell UH 1H Huey starting its turbo shaft engine at Willow Run Airport’s Thunder Over Michigan. The audio has been mixed the into 5.1 Surround Sound for your listening enjoyment! Prepare to hear the rumble of the Huey’s turbo shaft engine as the helicopter begins its descent and landing at 1:50. For best results with 5.1 audio, use Surround Headphones or playback on a Home Theater system!

Written by: Shawn Jacek


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