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Would You Let Your 13 Year Old Boy Pilot a Business Jet?

He calls for Gear Up Like He’s Done This A Time Or Two Before.

Caden Urschel is not your average 13 year old. While he’s not even old enough to drive yet, Caden already has about two hundred hours of flight time under his belt. He has piloted various small planes and helicopters through the years with the help of his father, Scott. Scott Urschel, is a flight instructor and commercial pilot.

It’s not uncommon to see a father (or mother) taking their teenager up in a small plane to learn how to fly. But there is a huge difference between taking your child flying in a Cessna 172 and a Citation business jet.  Recently, a video was posted of Caden flying the Citation M2. In the video, Caden looks like a pretty good stick. He successfully accomplishes the takeoff and a touch and go in the business jet.

The Citation M2 jet is an American light business jet built by Cessna. It is 42 feet and seven inches in length, with a wing-span of just over 47 feet. It is powered by two Williams International turbofans. It is not every day you see a child flying one of these jets. This is legal because the Citation is certified as a single pilot aircraft. The second seat can be vacant or be occupied by a non-qualified pilot.

While Caden might be able to fly along and have the physical skills to fly a plane, it will be a few years until he can do it legally. According to Federal law, Caden cannot solo an airplane until he is sixteen years old. He can’t actually get his license or legally carry passengers until he is 17 years old. A multi-engine rating to fly a plane like the M2 will require an additional rating.

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