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Learning How To Escape From a Sinking Helicopter Is Downright Scary

sinking helo

Marines learn how to survive and escape from a sinking helicopter.

First, you survive a helicopter crash. That’s good. Second, the copter crashed in the ocean. Not good. Third, it’s at night. That’s even worse.

Training for the unthinkable but survivable is crucial for our military personnel. They need to be prepared to handle any situation. Preparing for a helicopter crash in the ocean requires some scary virtual reality training.

As this video shows, the Marines who go through this training are left with the feeling that while they never want to experience it first-hand, they’ve been prepared to understand what it might be to egress a copter cabin after a crash. In the ocean. At night.


Written by Wendell Barnhouse

Wendell Barnhouse is a veteran journalist with over 40 years of experience as a writer and an editor. For the last 30 years, he wrote about college sports but he has had an interest and curiosity about aviation since he was in grade school.

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