Just Try Not To Bust A Gut Watching This Absolutely Hilarious ENJJPT Class Video

Official US Air Force Photograph

The Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training Program (ENJJPT) has been turning out fledgling jet pilots for the United States Air Force and our NATO allies since 1981. Many of the classes passing through ENJJPT produce a video chronicling their experiences in the program. Many of these videos are funny, some are well beyond funny, and a few are downright hilarious. This video, produced by class Class 01-08 and entitled “The Video That Started A Tradition”, is one of the hilarious ones. Thanks to YouTuber robertf16 for uploading this LOL-worthy look at ENJJPT as seen through the eyes of its multi-national students.


ENJJPT has been extended many times and expanded even more often. In 2016 the program added Romania as its 14th partner and was extended through 2026. The USAF hosts the program at Sheppard Air Force Base (AFB) in near Wichita Falls in Texas and provides the wing commander, vice commander, and operations group commander in the top three leadership positions.

Officers from all 14 participating nations fill positions throughout the wing. Because of the multi-national nature of the staff, during the 55 week program an American student pilot might have a Belgian instructor pilot, a Dutch flight commander, a Turkish section commander, an Italian operations officer, and a German squadron commander.

Official US Air Force Photograph