JetBlue Challenges Passengers To Reach Across the Aisle To Jointly Decide On A Destination

During this political season, JetBlue challenged passengers to build unity by agreeing on something.

We all know that two “third-rail” topics in casual conversation are religion and politics. Imagine getting into a political debate on a three-hour flight? Don’t even think about it. You’re better off inviting the person in front of you to tilt their seat back.

Mix in the fact that this is a Presidential election year and one of the candidates is a polarizing figure and an in-flight political debate could lead to a brawl – or an unauthorized use of the emergency exit.

It’s dangerous for a company to use a political theme in a commercial; chances are half the viewers will be turned off at best or hissed off at worst. But kudos to JetBlue for a subtle and clear promotion/commercial. This video deserves plenty of views because the concept was excellent but was exceeded by the execution.

Between now and November, this should earn JetBlue a lot of virtual mileage.