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Insanely Loud B-1 Set Off Car Alarms!

Freedom isn’t free or quiet!

The Rockwell B-1 Lancer, or “Bone” (B-One, get it?) is a multiengine, variable-sweep wing aircraft primarily flown by the United States Aircraft. First developed in the early 70’s and finally produced in the early 80’s, closest to the B-1 in service now, this four engine aircraft has been known for withstanding the test of time, most notably serving both in Iraq and Afghanistan. As of right now, Boeing, who took over Rockwell International, has great plans for the B-1B Lancer to stick around into the foreseeable future. With the ability to reach Mach 1.2 and carry 75,000 pounds, as well as hold 24 cruise missiles, why wouldn’t they want to keep it around for a while?

Now, with all that engine power, it is bound to be loud and here, we see just how loud. It seems while taking off from Fairford in the UK, there were a few issues with car alarms thanks to the insane sound produced by those four turbofan engines. What a great reminder that even with the best thought out plans, even these big, well-loved aircraft still create a few issues, albeit, off the airfield for now!

This awesome video was taken by bobsurgranny and originally posted to YouTube.

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Written by Avgeekery

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