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Incredible Video of a Near Midair Between A Fokker F-27 and Piper

The amazing video shows a near collision between an airliner and a small twin aircraft.  Back in the 1970s, Ansett Airways (Australia) did an air-to-air photo shoot with one of their F-27 Friendship turboprop aircraft.  The formation photoshoot was flown with a Piper Navajo aircraft.

Details are really sketchy about this video.  A few forums call it a fake video.  Others say the plane and the photo shoot really happened. The prevailing theory is that the Piper was too close and was sucked into the Fokker’s vortices.  I’m not sure I believe the reasoning but the video does look real.  Regardless of the cause, it’s a very unique video showing how VH-FND’s tail almost lopped off by the wing of the smaller plane.

This video is a good reminder that formation flight is inherently dangerous.  Don’t try it if you’ve never been trained on how to do it.  If you have been trained, prebrief all pilots, don’t cut corners or showoff. And don’t lose focus, even for a split second.


Written by Avgeekery

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