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Hilarious Spoof Highlights How Much Pilots Hate Clearance Readback Interrupters

If you’re a pilot, you’ve been there.  You’ll be at an airport like JFK (or even worse some Navy field with an NDB departure) and it’s time to pick up your clearance.

On a scratchy radio, Clearance Delivery reads off your ridiculous re-route.  About halfway through, the other pilot or a flight attendant, or a loadmaster, or a sheep herder (yes, it’s really happened to me) decides to interrupt.  You are left there stammering and stuttering through the rest of the read back.  It’s not gonna go well no matter how much you try and salvage it!

This awesome viral video was made in the cockpit of a Charleston C-17 splicing together clips from another famous interruption. That clip of a BBC interview with a South Korean expert, Dr. Kelly, who was interrupted by his two children went viral worldwide.

Video below was originally posted on YouTube by John Millman and Emily B.  They also have a couple of popular Instagram accounts highlighting their journeys in the C-17.  You can follow them at @theglobemaster and @_thetravelingblonde.



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Written by Avgeekery

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