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Highlights From United’s Last Flight of the Boeing 747-400 to Hawaii

Source: United Airlines

We’ve posted quite a bit of coverage about United Airlines last 747-400 flight. For over 47 years, United has operated the Queen Of The Skies…the double-decker jet.

United really rolled out the stops for passengers on the last flight.  It included a meal far better than typical chicken or beef.  United provided a champaign toast, a first class menu to all aboard, and left the first class section open as a lounge.  It was a throwback to a different era where service was more important than profit.

November 7th marked the end of 747 service.  After the flight from San Francisco to Honolulu, the last 747 flew to Victorville for storage and eventual dismantling.

Both United and Delta are retiring their fleet of Boeing 747-400 in 2017.  By the end of 2017, no major US airline will operate the Boeing 747.  This will be the first time that a major US airline has not operated a 747 since 1969 when Pan Am launched the type.

The Boeing 747-400 launched in 1989.  The upgraded 747 offered upgraded engines, a two-man cockpit, and beautiful winglets the increased efficiency.  The upgraded 747 allowed flights that connected far-away places like Chicago to Hong Kong and New York and Shanghai.

The 747 is quickly being relegated to cargo service but a few airlines are skill sticking with the giant Boeing jet. As major US airlines retire the Boeing 747, other international airlines like Lufthansa, British Airways and Korean Air will continue to fly the Queen of the Skies in their fleet.

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