Here’s The Footage Of The First Boeing 757 Flight 34 Years Ago Today

Photo: Boeing

It’s hard to believe that the 757 turned 34 today.  With it’s graceful lines, powerful engines and long legs, the mid-sized airliner has aged incredibly well.  The airliner is an avgeek favorite. But the beauty is now decidedly middle aged.  United, Delta, and American are retiring the 757 in favor of newer 737-900s and Airbus A321s. Many first tier operators retiring the type or relegating the remaining 757 jets to long, thin routes that only the type can do.

Back in 1982 though, the 757 was the cats meow.  It represented a new generation of ‘glass’ cockpits with CRT panels instead of analog gauges, high bypass engines that ‘sipped’ fuel and the ability to operate in hot and high airports just like the 727.  Built in parallel with the 767, the 757 was the first time that Boeing attempted to build two jets under a common type rating.  They succeeded. 1,049 757’s were delivered between 1982 and 2002.

Here was her first flight…Enjoy!