Here Are 11 Pilots And Flight Attendants You Should Be Following on Instagram

Pilots, flight attendants and other airline crew appear to lead a charmed life. Traveling around the world on a daily basis, their roles have been romanticized. Even if it’s not all glamour and fun, their career paths make for some interesting stories, and plenty of jaw-dropping photos. Plenty of aircrew post photos of their day and we love it!  Instagram has actually emerged as a way to learn about the ups and downs of the airline industry. For snapshots of what goes on in the air, on the ground and around the globe at some of your favorite airlines, here are the 10 aircrew you should be following on Instagram.

1. @pilotmaria

Want some girl power in your Instagram feed? Maria Pettersson is a Swedish pilot for Ryanair, who really makes the pilot life look ultra-glam view from the cockpit. She’s super popular on Instragram.  She’s has over 430,000 followers!  She shares her flying experiences and is an advocate for more women in aviation.  Just check out her recent feature in Elle photo shoot.

2. @althani350

Airbus pilot Khalifa Al-Thani flies for Qatar Airways, and his photos are a mix of in-flight images, and the best of the best from his stops around the globe, from New York to San Francisco, London to Doha. He also posts photos of the other magnificent aircraft he spots on the job, so keep your eyes peeled for an array of other airlines.

Over Turkey????

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3. @elisavalentiina

Elisa is a flight attendant at Lufthansa. She posts a mix of work-related photos, but also images of her stops around the world, whether she’s lounging poolside in the Amwaj Islands, enjoying an In-N-Out burger in Dallas or strolling the streets of Prague.

4. @borneogeek

A Hong Kong Airlines pilot, @Borneogeek appears to travel between various Asian destinations and the United States on both the Airbus A330 and the Boeing 747. He posts photos of the cockpit, views from the sky and lots of aircraft exteriors. However, he also shows pilot life from a first-person perspective, and always with witty and sarcastic comments that’ll leave you grinning.

5. @troybflying

It must be hard to balance a military and civilian pilot career.  But somehow Troy manages to fly the amazing 787 Dreamliner and be an amazing photographer on the side.  His subjects range from airplanes to nature to beautiful models.

Don’t stop now!  We still have five more Instagram accounts for your to follow!

6. @pilotmarius

Marius, a Norway-based SAS pilot who could have a second career as a photographer. He captures his aircraft from nearly every angle, showing you the parts of the plane you’d never dream of seeing as a mere passenger. If you’re looking for all aviation and hope to learn a few things about the Boeing 737 he flies, this is one of your best bets.

7. @flywithmeghan

We can’t leave out the US domestic crews! You need to follow Delta flight attendant Meghan. Catch her in-flight and on-the-ground shots from so many airports around the country, from Nashville to Detroit, LAX to Seattle. She doesn’t try to over-glamorize the flight attendant life, but she does make it look super-fun!

8. @flywithcaptainjoe

Dream of being a pilot one day? Joe, a pilot for Air Berlin, mixes pilot life with inspirational quotes set against beautiful aircraft shots. What we like about Captain Joe is that he’s always positive about the aviation industry and his job. He even mixes in a few tidbits of avgeek knowledge in his posts.

9. @christavliegt

Another female pilot, Christa works for KLM, making frequent trips to picturesque destinations in the Caribbean. However, you’ll find her a little bit of everywhere, from Vancouver to the Alps to Tokyo. Plus, when she’s not flying, she’s enjoying a pretty active lifestyle, which she also documents.

10. @hilobusdrivah

He might not have a ton of followers yet, but he should!  Bryan is a pilot for Hawaiian Airlines.  A former 717 pilot, he now flies the mighty Airbus A330 from Honolulu to destinations across the pacific.  I’m pretty sure Bryan has the best job in the airline industry.  He flies a beautiful jet and lives in paradise!

11. @knxposures

This Airbus captain flies for Air Arabia, and posts some gorgeous shots of not only his travels around the Middle East, but also the interior of the cockpit, runways and everything in between. Plus, all his photos are paired with an inspiring quote.