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Hands Down, The Best F/A-18G Growler Video on the Web

We’re pretty sure that the creator of this video could make mosquitoes look attractive.

The EA-18G or “Growler” as it is popularly known as, is a primarily Navy flown aircraft used as an electronic attack aircraft. It is produced by Boeing, replacing the aircraft known as the “Prowler,” and sits upon a frame that is similar to that of the “Hornet” in which is shares many of its features with. With a wingspan of 44 feet and a total length of 60 feet, the aircraft has the ability to travel at Mach 1.8, a service ceiling greater than 50,000 feet, it is able to hold a crew of two, and is outfitted with one of the best electronic attack systems in operation.

Although outfitted with its own impressive armaments, the Growler is most likely to be found accompanying weapon and attack based aircraft, most notably the F-18, and used only to unleash the electronic attack unless needed. Complete with all of the latest jamming equipment and radars, the EA-18G is not an aircraft you want to meet as an enemy.

This video rocks!  It’s some of the best footage we’ve seen ever of the Growler. If I were a US advisory, I’d be nervous just to see the glimpse of the massive firepower and electronics awaiting me. In the video, you can see fearless pilots delivering the electronic attack the aircraft is known for during a deployment aboard the USS Harry S. Truman, a multi-use naval ship named, of course, for past United States President, Harry Truman.

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