Got a SR-71 Blackbird Question? This Guy Has Answers

The SR-71 is more than a machine.  It’s a complex work of art.

The SR-71 is an amazing aircraft. Able to fly over Mach 3 and designed without advanced computer technology, the jet is advanced beyond its years in both technology and capability.  It’s also been the source of so many questions.

“Why are the vertical stabilizers canted in?”

“What are there three tires on the main landing gear?”

“Did the fuselage really stretch?”

“Do the aerospikes move forward or aft?”

These are real questions that deserve answers.  Fortunately we found this mid-1990s video by airline captain Barry Schiff.  Barry does a great job of explaining intricate, avgeek worthy details about the jet. Initial climb out in the Blackbird is 10,000 feet per minute!

The video is 15 minutes and its probably a VHS copy but the information Barry shares is so interesting that you’ll catch yourself watching the whole thing.