They Learned How To Fly F-16s, Then Made This Epic Video


One grueling year of F-16 flying produces one bad ass highlight reel.

After thirteen months of Undergraduate Pilot Training and three months of rigorous Fighter Fundamental Training, freshly-winged pilots assigned to the F-16 arrive at the B-Course. In the sunny skies over the West Valley of Phoenix, Arizona, these pilots learn the basics of the world’s most versatile fighter jet in the 309th Fighter Squadron—The Wild Ducks.

Starting with the basics of instrument flying and aerobatics, each pilot progresses through multiple phases of tactical training. These phases include basic dogfighting, air combat maneuvers, tactical intercepts, air-to-air refueling, close air support, and opposed surface attack tactics. Over nine months, these hopeful fighter pilots’ seasoning culminates in the ability to fight their way in, employ precision munitions, then fight their way out. The B-Course is designed to send the Combat Air Force a capable, disciplined wingman—ready to take the fight to our Nation’s adversaries.


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