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Globemaster Coming Right At’cha! C-17 Filmed Flying Sidewinder Transition

Raw power and beauty of USAF machinery captured on film.

The C-17 Globemaster is a massively powerful heavy aircraft.  Powered by four  Pratt and Whitney engines providing 40,000 lbs of thrust, the C-17 can carry up to 170,900 pounds of cargo.  Even more impressive about this jet is how maneuverable it is both at high speeds and low speeds.

In this video you’ll see the giant airlifter seemingly turn on a dime through the canyons of Washington.  Many C-17 pilots comment on how maneuverable and fun to fly the jet actually is.  This video makes us believers that it must be a blast to fly.  It makes sense. The jet is fast, maneuverable, and can land on semi-prepared fields that seem built more for a Cessna Caravan than a jet around the size of a 767.   Making the jet even more fun, it has a center-mounted stick instead of a yoke.  The top section of the stick is actually a similar design as the one in an F-16.

In this video, the C-17 is executing low level training on VR-1355 through Washington State and Oregon.  A C-17 can execute a low level at over 300 knots and as little as 300 feet above the ground. The footage is shot from the ground near Sidewinder Transition.  The video is a rare chance to see what a low-level training route looks like from the perspective of people on the ground.

This video was originally posted by Alan Chadwick.

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