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Fun on the Ground, Business in the Skies: KC-135 Crew Delivers Freedom Through Jet Fuel

Crews bring fuel to the fight along with RipIts, terrible mustaches, and some humor.


Ask any tanker aircrew member who has been deployed before and they’ll say it’s tough flying with long days.  A good attitude, some RipIts energy drinks, and a little bit of humor go along way to combat really long take off rolls and stress of flying over foreboding lands.  This crew has the right attitude.  They keep the fighters and bombers flying who rain destruction upon our enemies.

Join a US Air Force KC-135 crew on their flights over the middle east during a deployment.  If you’ve ever wanted a front row seat to watch the spectacle of aerial refueling or are just an aviation nerd who likes looking at cockpits, this video contains some entertaining and impressive flying footage of the Bone (B-1), Hog (A-10), Viper (F-16) and RC-135.  Sure to entertain and give you an insight into the world of military tanker aircrews.

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Written by Avgeekery

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