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Fly Over the Golden Gate for a Sunset Shoot with Sean Tucker

Sean Tucker over the San Francisco Bay for Fleet Week 2016. Photo Credit: Mike Killian

San Francisco’s annual Fleet Week air show wouldn’t be the same without Sean Tucker, a living legend in the airshow and aerobatic flying communities. He’s been flying airshows worldwide since the mid 1970’s, has won numerous aerobatic competitions, and has flown more than 1,275 performances at more than 525 airshows in front of more than 135 million fans (and counting).

I’ve been honored to work with Sean and Team Oracle on a few occasions over the years, including for Fleet Week, and for the 2016 show he wanted us to fly a late afternoon solo shoot, taking advantage of the golden light as the sun set west of the city.

Sean Tucker over the Golden Gate for San Francisco Fleet Week 2016. Photo Credit: Mike Killian

SF is known for fog, half the time the show can’t even fly because the visibility is too low, but the day of our shoot (and really the whole week) the weather cooperated beautifully, so off we went.

I like to think that I bring the fans’ dreams of flying into the plane with me and there’s nowhere I’d rather be than in the cockpit,” says Tucker.

Below, take a behind the scenes look at what a photo flight with Sean is like.

Watch for the Breitling Jet team to photobomb us over the Golden Gate Bridge.

Tucker is an honorary Blue Angel and one of the Living Legends of Flight, an elite group of aviators and astronauts that includes General Jimmy Doolittle, General “Chuck” Yeager, and John Glenn.

Check out the full photo gallery HERE.
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Mike Killian

Written by Mike Killian

Killian is an aerospace photographer and writer, with a primary focus on spaceflight and military and civilian aviation. Over the years his assignments have brought him onboard NASA's space shuttles, in clean rooms with spacecraft destined for other worlds, front row for launches of historic missions and on numerous civilian and military flight assignments.

When not working the California-native enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, storm chasing, producing time-lapses and shooting landscape and night sky imagery, as well as watching planes of course.

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