Southwest Commercial Reminds Us When Flying Was A Pleasure, Not A Pain

Hot pants, go-go boots and a 737 buzzing a “flight attendant” as she pitches Southwest Airlines.

Southwest Airlines from its start in 1967 has been known for its differences from other airlines. Way before political correctness became a thing, the airline’s flight attendants were, well, ahem … unique. They dressed in hot pants and go-go boots; the hiring pool was long-legged dancers, majorettes and cheerleaders.

That’s evident and displayed in this commercial from 1972. “First-class leg room?” “Free cocktails for everyone?” What kind of business model is that?

What’s interesting about this ad is that this was done “live” with a real Southwest plane taking off and buzzing the spokeswoman. No CGI, folks.  Just a smokey, sexy 737-200. And you have to wonder if the lady nailed it on the first take?