This Fighter Instructor Is Crazy (And We Love It!)

“Go Get Him! Kill him!”Like a rallying cry in Gladiator, this IFF (Introduction to Fighter Fundamentals) instructor emphasizes the importance of the kill instinct for fighter pilots.

There is no doubt that our world has become much more politically correct over the past few years. There are admittedly some good things that have come of it.  No one is a fan of blatant discrimination or sexism.  But many will say that the PC culture has gone too far.  Many lament the loss of fighter pilot culture as the squadron bar is renamed ‘the heritage room’. Posting a picture of a pretty girl on your desk could get you red dotted these days. Many in the Air Force forget that the goal is to be a lethal force–ready to make the enemy die for his country.

That’s why we love this video.  It’s good, ole’ school fighter pilot instruction right there.  You have an IP who is sceaming at his student to kill the other guy during a mock dog fight.  The student probably isn’t sure if the IP is joking or serious.  Odds are he’s stressed and anxious and having the time of his life too!  You know that the instructor has made a lasting impression though. If he is ever in that situation in real combat, the ghost of the IP’s voice will surely be reverberating in his head as he lines up for the kill.

IFF is a required program for newly graduated pilots from Air Force Undergraduate Pilot Training.  During the IFF program, pilots will learn about BFM (Basic Fighter Maneuvers) and build situational awareness for flying in a tactical environment (where the bad guy wants to kill you). They’ll fly it in an AT-38C. Passing this program is a requirement to continue onto a fighter training program in an actual fighter jet.

Today, we salute you Mr. Old-school IP.  You make the Air Force a slightly more fun place.

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