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Feel the Brrrtt! See Spectacular Cockpit Footage of the A-10 Launching 2,500 Rounds From Its 30mm Gun

Everyone knows that the A-10 is a wicked beast of a fighter jet.  What it lacks in speed, it makes up in grit.  The Warthog has a giant 30mm Gatling Gun as its primary weapon.  In just one minute, the A-10 can fire a s^*t ton of lead with deadly accuracy.   Enemies cower in fear but for ground pounders, ‘brrrt’ is the sound of victory.a10cockpiut

Now, thanks to the magic of GoPro cameras, you can ride along in the cockpit as skilled A-10 pilots deliver lead to those who would do us harm.  The creator of Chipcast Productions hopes you’ll enjoy this Warthog treat.  In a chat with Avgeekery, Chip told us how many rounds of ammunition the A-10 can really disperse.  He said:

4000 rounds/min, 66/second. 49 for the first second due to barrel spin-up, half second of spin up (19 rounds), then full rate after that (~30 for the second half-second)

The video wasn’t shot on just one sortie.  The A-10 can’t hold that much lead.  But based on timing, Chip insisted that the video shows a total of 2,500 rounds. He also mentioned that he really enjoys sharing the his love for the A-10 with others.

I really enjoy putting these videos together to share the experience of flying the A-10. Offering a glimpse of what it is like to fly the best CAS and CSAR platform ever created is rewarding on many levels. Friends of mine show their family and friends what they do each day, and the fans of the A-10 get as close to a ride-along as will ever be possible in the mighty Hawg!

Thanks Chip!  Avgeekery is proud to have you as a friend!


Written by Avgeekery

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