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F-16s Escort Dutch Olympians Home After The Games


This is one way to celebrate returning Olympians!

The Royal Netherlands Air Force sure know how to celebrate in style. Olympians returning on a specially painted orange Boeing 777-300ER KLM jet were met at the border upon their return by two special airborne guests. Two Dutch F-16s flew wingman for the massive Boeing jet within Netherlands airspace. The fighters provided escort all the way to short final before breaking off just before the 777 landed.  It was a very classy move by a proud and very skilled Air Force.

Once the 777 landed, the jet was greeted by a firefighter’s arc of water to celebrate the return of the olympians. The Netherlands won eight golds, seven silvers and four bronze medals at the Olympics in Rio. They finished with a total 19 medals, resulting in an 11th place finish.

The video was originally uploaded by the Royal Netherlands Air Force. You can see their original post here.

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Written by Avgeekery

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