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Emirates receives its 100th Airbus A380

Image: Emirates

On November 3rd 2017, Emirates reached a milestone as it received its 100th A380 at a special ceremony at Airbus’ delivery centre in Hamburg, Germany.

The ceremony was officiated by His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al-Maktoum, Emirates’ Chairman and CEO. According to Sheikh Ahmed, this is a tremendous moment for Emirates, Airbus and for their many partners involved in the A380 program. According to Al-Maktoum, theA380  brought the flying experience for Emirates’ customers to the next level.  It’s the world’s largest commercial passenger jet and a showpiece of engineering as it’s both quiet and efficient. Emirates utilized the onboard real estate to redefine the thinking around inflight products and experience. The flight crew and the customers both love to fly on it.
The Emirates Chairman also stated that the A380 has been a success for Emirates. Emirates has been able to utilize it at slot-constrained airports, as well as at regional and ‘secondary’ airports, where there is a growth of passenger demand. When an A380 is being deployed onto a route, it stimulates further traffic and demand as travellers are attracted by the Emirates’ flagship experience. The U.A.E. based airline remains committed to the program and will work closely with Airbus and their partners to continually enhance their A380 product as they look ahead to receiving their remaining 42 aircraft order.

Airbus depends on Emirates to keep the program aloft

Airbus is extremely proud of their long-standing relationship with Emirates. It has been a partnership that’s integral to the A380 program.  Airbus really lucked out that such a visionary airline has always believed in the A380 from the beginning and chosen it as its flagship and the backbone of its fleet.
Airbus is very proud to be powering Emirates’ 100th Airbus A380 and they look forward to building on their strong relationship in years to come.
Emirates’ 100th A380 is powered by Rolls-Royce engines and configured in three cabin classes, with 14 private suites in First class, 76 seats in Business and 426 seats in Economy.  It also features the airline’s newly revamped Onboard Lounge. It will be on display at the upcoming Dubai Air Show and will enter service afterwards.

Year of Zayed tribute

Emirates unveiled a special tribute to the late HH Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, founding father of the United Arab Emirates, with a special livery for its 100th A380.
2018 is the “Year of Zayed”, marking 100 years since the birth of the country’s founding father and celebrating his legacy. Emirates is proud to launch its tribute to the man who has been instrumental to the UAE’s formation and development, at the milestone delivery of the 100th A380. Sheikh Zayed was a true pioneer and visionary. Bringing his message of inspiration, daring and determination to the world as Emirates flies the A380 around the globe, it is an apt way for the airline to celebrate his amazing legacy.

The Future of the Airbus A380 and Emirates

The A380 has enjoyed success, due in large part to Emirates. Airbus unveiled the updated A380plus at the Paris Airshow last June. The new version of the iconic Superjumbo has a host of upgrades, which should offer airlines better economics and improved operational performance at the same time.

Airbus claims the new airliner has upgraded the giant aircraft in five main areas including fuel efficiency and passenger capacity. The aircraft manufacturer hopes the new development will make the A380–which hasn’t generated a single new order in more than a year–more financially attractive for airlines. Airbus states that this is the needed next step for their iconic aircraft to best serve worldwide traffic growth and the evolving needs of the A380 customers. The most obvious upgrade made to the A380 is the addition of a set of split winglets that are designed to curtail the effects of induced drag and wingtip vortices. Airbus claims the improved aerodynamics created by the winglets will boost the plane’s fuel economy by 4%. According to Bloomberg, Airbus is negotiating with Emirates for the order of 20 A380plus aircraft.

Video courtesy of Jerry Taha Productions. (Notice the most obvious upgrade on the new Airbus A380plus, its split winglets)

About Emirates

Emirates is the world’s largest international airline. It operates a technologically advanced fleet of over 260 wide-body aircraft.  The airline creates economically valuable air links that connect Dubai to 156 cities in 84 countries, and connect the world through Dubai. Emirates has earned a global reputation for service excellence, and has won numerous international awards for service and innovation.

About the Airbus A380

The A380 is the world’s largest, most spacious airliner that offers passengers the smoothest, quietest and most comfortable ride. With two full widebody decks, offering widest seats, wide aisles and more floor space, the A380 has the unique capability to generate revenue, stimulate traffic and attract the passengers, who can now specifically select the A380 when booking a flight via the web site. Thirteen Airlines fly 218 active A380s on 60 destinations. Currently, 240 airports can accommodate the A380 around the world.
Infographic by Emirates.

Jerry’s Take on the A380

When you talk about the A380, it seems like people just hate it or love it. There are the Boeing 747 Lovers and the Airbus A380 Lovers. Although most of us grew up with the beautiful Queen of the Skies, the 747, I learned to appreciate the Superjumbo. In my opinion, the 747 will remain the most beautiful airliner ever, but you still have to admit that it is always a joy to see the monster A380 land.

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Jerry Taha

Written by Jerry Taha

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