Eat Your Heart Out MacGyver! This Avgeek Built a RC Plane From a Broken Wall Heater

Remember the days when MacGyver would rig a machine gun with just a string, matches and a stick?  We’re pretty sure that Samm Sheperd could do even better.  As an #avgeek himself, he recently decided to build an RC aircraft from scratch using just foam and broken wall heater parts.  Here’s Samm’s story and video of how his ingenious idea turned out. Spoiler alert: It’s pretty amazing.

I am a commercial pilot going on CFI and senior aviation technology major at Walla Walla University. After I finished my private pilots certification, I went and taught sailing at a summer camp. These two factors put me in a position to really ponder aerodynamics and how simple airplanes are, to the point that I thought I could make an RC airplane out of foam board. I tried it and found out that I could! I’ve been addicted ever since.
I had recently learned about centrifugal pumps, and so when I found a funny hamster wheel thing in my broken wall heater, I recognized a fun idea. I made a centrifugal blower and then built an airplane around it in one day. This simple blower is not as efficient as a professionally manufactured propellor, but that wasn’t really the point of the exercise. It’s what aviation is all about, crazy ideas and having fun manipulating the air.
What I hope to do in making videos is to educate and inspire people to try things for themselves.

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Written by Avgeekery

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