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Don’t Be A Moron And Stand Behind A Jet Like This Guy

Want skinned knees and a broken camera?  Guaranteed…with a chance of a bruised noggin too!

We’ve profiled Skiathos Airport in Greece before.  Many people call it the St. Maarten of Europe.  With short runways and a road right at the end of one end, it makes for some incredible photos and videos of arrivals and departures.  You can’t get much closer to the action.

Just because you can get close to a jet, doesn’t mean you should though.  Jet blast is hot exhaust at hurricane speeds exiting the engine.  At takeoff thrust, the velocity can be well over 150 MPH even a few hundred feet back.  Add in dust, sand, and pebbles and you are going to get sandblasted and probably hurt–possibly worse. Can you imagine the reason on your death certificate? “Standing behind a Boeing 737NG.”  Moron!

Some things aren’t worth it.  Standing behind a jet engine isn’t worth it.

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Written by Avgeekery

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