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If Your Diecast Planes Were To Come Alive, This is What It Would Look Like

If you call yourself an avgeek, Miniatur Wunderland better be put on your bucket list.

Many people are collectors of model airplanes.  With GeminiJets and mahogany models, its way easier than before to get a replica of your favorite aircraft.  Yet Miniatur Wunderland at Hamburg, Germany has taken model aviation to a whole new level. Miniatur Wunderland is a railway attraction that contains a full replica of Hamburg airport called Knuffingen Airport, which was completed in May of 2011. They meticulously keep the field up to date, adding new aircraft to the mix and keeping a few special but now retired ones like the Concorde in the mix.  Each model has some fantastically realistic features like flashing strobes along with working flaps and gear, just like the real airplanes they represent.

How do these models work?

At Miniatur Wunderland, as the model plane goes down the runway, two metal bars underneath it support the aircraft(the one in front higher than the one in back), causing the plane to “lift” in the air. Then the plane goes through a rubber barrier that looks like part of a cloudy grey sky, and disappears. . It’s a very clever illusory effect. There’s plenty of plane spotting going on here – Emirates, Thai, Air Berlin, Air France, China Eastern, United, and the beautiful white Condor with colored hearts that has “We Love Flying” printed in German across the side of the plane. These are to name just a few.

The whole set up is actually quite cool looking. The background scenery is positively quaint, with trees, lights, houses, office buildings, trains, planes, moving vehicles, and human figurines. When it comes to art imitating life, Miniatur Wunderland leaves no stone unturned.

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Written by Avgeekery

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