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Deployments Suck — Creative Marshaling Makes It Better

Maintainers Make Long Days More Tolerable

Let’s not beat around the bush here…deployments suck, especially around the holidays.  It doesn’t matter whether you are in the desert or stationed in a cooler climate for an exercise.  The fact remains that you are away from your family, you sleep with smelly roommates, and you probably eat the same rubber chicken every day for lunch and dinner.  About the only thing this is good about deployments is that you lose weight and get in better shape. That’s usually because all there is to do besides work and sleep is to lift a few “kila-pounds” after your shift.

But when things get tough, the humor gets going.  Maintainers and crew chiefs are known for keeping things light-hearted even though they have an extremely challenging job.  While some will call it bad dancing, we’ll call it “creative marshaling”.  Here are a few of our favorites:

Prehistoric Taxi and Arrival

As if the ancient KC-135 wasn’t old enough. The maintenance crew matches the jet’s age with a ridiculous T-Rex marshaling job.  After a long flight to fuel up the fighters and bombers, it made for a humorous surprise ending to the day. (Originally posted to People of the Deid Facebook page)

Short Shorts and Horse Heads

While tiny shorts and horse heads are pretty trite these days, it’s still pretty unexpected to get marshaled out by a unicorn in short shorts. Poor pilots.  They never knew what was coming.


This dude invented the whip.  Or something like that.  Way back in 2007, he was filmed creatively marshaling a bomber crew.  The rumor is that in addition to gaining YouTube fame, he also ended up in a bit of trouble.

Bonus: Army Helos and Hip Hop

The Army has some characters too.  Check out these decent crew chief dance moves.

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