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DC-10 Flies Crazy Low Past Stunned Crowd

Put this on your list of things you’ll never see in the United States.

There are flyovers.  There are low fly-bys. And there are crazy-stupid low flybys.  With a fully configured DC-10 hovering above the runway at about 50 feet (gear up none the less), we’ll put this one in the crazy stupid category!

The McDonell Douglas DC-10 was introduced in the early 70s as a mid-range aircraft with the ability to hold roughly 380 passengers. Equipped with three engines and the capability to travel up to 6,000 miles depending on the series, the DC-10 was well equipped and highly competitive with both the Boeing 747 and the Lockheed Tristar in terms of range and passenger capacity.

The DC-10 was widely bought and used by various airlines and is even used within the United States Air Force as a refueling aircraft. With all of its features and constant upgrades, it was a longtime favorite of Fedex and American Airlines. The DC-10 was commercially flown until 2014. 446 were produced over 20 years. Although the aircraft is no longer used for passengers, there are still several being flown for cargo, mostly as modified MD-10s by FedEx.

In this vintage video posted on Youtube, we see a low flying pass completed by a DC-10 that happened in the 1980s. It is quite the treat seeing such a great aircraft as up close as this, albeit maybe just a little scary at the same time!

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Written by Avgeekery

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