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Dad Gave Flight Attendant Daughter The Perfect Christmas Gift

Rookie flight attendants are almost always flying over the holiday. One father of a flight attendant didn't let her busy schedule get in the way of the two spending time together. (Stock image-CC.O)

While a career in the airline industry can be very rewarding, the holidays can be tough for pilots and flight attendants. The holiday season is the busiest period of the year for airlines. That means that a majority of pilots and flight attendants will spend some or most of the holidays away from home and their families. Typically only the most senior employees are able to bid off the holiday. Rookie pilots and flight attendants are almost guaranteed to have to work.

One father was determined to spend Christmas with his flight attendant daughter, even though she had to work over the holiday. Hal Vaughan purchased tickets to fly on the same flights as high daughter for two days straight. In total, he flew on 6 flights over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. In an interview with USA Today, Hal said, “Thinking of her being in that hotel room all by herself on Christmas Day really bugged her mother and I.” He added that his daughter was thrilled to spend time together in the air. What a dad!

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