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Crazy Ukrainian Air Force Pilot Almost Clips Guy During Super Risky Flyover

The Su-27 was mere feet above a poor soul who was filming the stunt.

Ukrainian pilots are known for their crazy flyovers.  It was just a few months back that we posted a clip of an IL-76 doing a crazy low flyby.  We just came across this video of a flyover of a two-ship of Sukhoi SU-27 fighter jet.

A pilot on our Avgeekery team called it “impressive and really stupid. It showed a lack of flight-discipline.”

In the video you’ll see the two ship initially perform a low pass about 50-75 feet above the runway.  It’s low enough that you can see the dust kicking up from the edges of the runway.  About 4,000 feet down the runway, the number two jet banks sharply to the left as it deviates 45 degrees off of the runway centerline.  The fighter then wobbled dangerously low towards an observer. At the last second, the jet lazily pulled up and barely passed over a berm on the tarmac’s edge before pulling up and rejoining the lead aircraft.

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