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Winter Winds Make For Sketchy Landings at Birmingham International Airport

Video by Flugsnug on Youtube.
Video by Flugsnug on Youtube.
Video by Flugsnug on Youtube.

Crosswinds are notoriously tricky, and landing in one is anything but easy. You’ve got to have intense coordination and precision flying. As a plane descends, it encounters changing wind profiles that can easily push a slow, vulnerable aircraft off the extended runway centerline unless the pilot makes quick, purposeful corrections.

Upon entering ground effect, the pilot must maintain the centerline while cutting the power and keeping the aircraft not only aligned with the runway but also the fuselage centered on the centerline of the runway.  In the videos below, you’ll see that the pilots do their best to ‘kick’ the jet straight before touchdown by deflecting the rudder.  Unfortunately, many pilots in this video take out the rudder deflection just a second too early or touch down safely then fail to keep ‘in’ the crosswind controls once the main gear hit terra firma.

The bottom line is that landing in a crosswind isn’t easy.  Enjoy this video we found by flugsnug who recently compiled footage of turboprops landing at Birmingham International Airport in the UK.

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