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Could A Private Pilot Land An Airliner? Let’s find out!

Ever since Captain Oveur ate fish in the movie “Airplane”, #avgeeks have wondered if they could successfully land an airliner in the event that both pilots somehow passed out.  Avgeekery’s friend Steve Thorne recently went to the Delta Flight Museum to find out by signing up to fly in their Level-D (full motion) 737-200 simulator.  Below is his account with video!

As a weekend warrior private pilot, I’ve always wondered about the challenge of being handed the controls of an airliner.  (it’s actually been more of a fear really, as I had little confidence that I could handle it.)

I got to test that theory recently!

We produced a 2 part series flying the 737-200 full motion level D sim at the Delta Flight Museum in Atlanta!

Part1 – Take off & Stall:

Part2 – Approach and Landing:

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