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The Concorde Was Truly Ahead Of Its Time

The Concorde was the future. 13 years after its retirement, the plane still remains a futuristic vision of air travel.

The Concorde was an aircraft unlike any of its kind at the time. The project was a French and British collaboration and therefore named “Concorde,” which means “unity.” Designed in the 50’s and debuting in the 70’s, the aircraft was a long time coming and endured more testing time than most aircraft ever on the market. With the intention of carrying many passengers at high speeds over long distances, things had to be perfect.

The Concorde was a rare supersonic passenger aircraft with the ability to travel at Mach 2.04 and hold over 100 passengers. It had an interesting triangular shape, which was odd for commercial aircraft. The Concorde had many technologically advanced elements and droop nose concept, in which the nose could be lowered for take-off and landing visibility, and raised to form a point for a more aerodynamic flight. It was made mostly from aluminum and carried a total of four high powered engines.

Unfortunately, the Concorde burned through fuel quickly, developed structural issues due to its high speed and heat, and traveled much higher than the normal airliner opening fears that if the cabin suddenly depressurized the ending would not be good. After the major crash of Air France Flight 4590 in 2000 (the only fatal accident the Concorde had ever been involved in), along with the raising prices of airline tickets and general fear of flying after 9/11, it was decides that the Concorde would be retired in 2003.

All of the original Concorde’s are still in existence and preserved, except for two. The Concorde completely changed how people viewed aircraft travel and will forever be remembered as one of the greats.

The video below is a great walk through of the jet.  The aircraft, G-BOAC, is on display at Manchester Airport.

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