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Columbus AFB Pilot Training Class Kicks Off Video Rivalry With a Killer Video

They sure look like one tight class who fly and have fun together.

Friendly competition heating up between pilot training bases over “drop-night” videos.  The real winner in this competition is our nation with well-trained men and women.

Last week, we posted a video of Vance’s Class 17-03 Drop night video. The response was super positive and rightfully so. Even our commentary about the need for more of these videos was well received. The bottom line is that people love impressive videos on selfless pilots-in-training who are learning amazing things. On that note, we were recently contacted by Columbus AFB’s Class 17-03. They wanted to share their video too. The video itself is pretty amazing. Even more awesome is their story of building lifelong bonds of friendship through the training. Bonds that will be tested in combat situations.

Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training (SUPT) is one of the most difficult technical education programs in the military. It is an incredible endeavor to take a group of pedestrians and turn them into professional military aviators, one that is undertaken not only by Instructor Pilots and students, but also by maintainers, force support staff, police, family, and friends. In short, it takes a village.

During training, students participate in hundreds of hours of academics, simulator rides, and standup sessions, not to mention the flying. They must master aerobatic, instrument, and formation flight as they form the foundational skills on which they will build their careers. This, of course, is an incredible challenge and students must also navigate the ups and downs of successes and failures along the way.

Cooperate to graduate

This 54-week undertaking would be nearly impossible to face alone. It is the class structure that makes success possible. Students rely on classmates for studying, working out, mission preparation, and morale. Boosted Morale is the most beneficial aspect of the class structure because it is motivating and improves performance. To this end, Class 17-03 at Columbus AFB used this philosophy to their advantage.

classSUPT culminates in a “Drop Night”, a celebration during which the students learn what aircraft they have been assigned to fly for their careers. Class 17-03 had one of the greatest “Drop Nights” in recent memory when almost every student received one of their top choices of aircraft including a CV-22, C-17, AC-130 Gunship, 2 U-28’s, 3 F-16s, 2 A-10’s, a F-15E and a F-35.


This all-American class (a rarity at SUPT as America strives to train partner-nation pilots as well) worked together both during and outside of training and became not just a team but also a group of lifelong friends. It was because of this cohesion that they were able to achieve what they did. Class 17-03 created a video to capture the essence of Pilot Training and the class unity they utilized to succeed.

The video was debuted during their “Drop Night” festivities and now its on the internet for everyone to enjoy.

Keep ’em coming…

At Avgeekery, we are proud to highlight these class-made videos. We’d be happy to share more as they are produced (send them our way via Facebook or More importantly, we hope that those who produce these videos see the power of them. They do more than just excite avgeeks. They showcase the power of our nation and our collective hope for the future.

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