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Did Your Christmas Tree Get Delivered By Helicopter?

Expert Helicopter Pilot Pulls Christmas Trees From Remote Mountainside.

With the holidays quickly approaching, one thing on a lot of our minds is going to pick out our Christmas tree to put in our living room and decorate with our families. Most of us give little thought to just how those trees ended up where we pick them out. Apparently, it can be a little more complicated than we all thought and even possibly involve a helicopter!

Here, we see insanely skilled pilot Dan Clark flying a Bell 206B3 JetRanger, an aircraft that is totally multiuse and even used in the Army’s fleet as the TH-67 “Creek” and OH-58 “Kiowa,” and using it as a very efficient and quick way to get the Christmas tree crop from the area it was grown in in Oregon, on the road and on its way to those of us who are ready to get to decorating and celebrating the holidays!

This holiday season as you pick out your tree and place it in your home, give a little credit to the rotorcraft side of aviation, you never know if he had a hand in making your Christmas a little happier!

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