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Caution: This Heartbreaking Boeing 747 Video Is Painful To Watch

Screenshot of video posted by Nevergreen Aircraft Industries

We’ve posted a number of stories and videos about the Boeing 747. Just last year, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines retired their fleet of Boeing 747s. Boeing has also struggled to find new customers for its passenger version, all but ceding the large passenger market to the upcoming Boeing 777-9 and Airbus A350.

Today there are only about 165 passenger Boeing 747-400s flying alongside a fleet of 35 Boeing 747-8i’s around the world. While that isn’t a ton of airplanes, there are still many opportunities to fly on the Queen of the Skies. The Boeing 747 classic fleet is all but extinct, save for Air Force One. That’s why watching this Boeing 747-300 classic get ripped apart is pretty disheartening.

The aircraft, registered D2-TEA, first flew in 1986 with Singapore Airlines. They retired the jet in 1997. TAAG Angola picked up the jet and flew it until 2010. The jet was finally broken up in 2017 by Nevergreen Aircraft Industries who posted the video of its final days. Scrap metal from a jumbo jet like the 747 can earn just shy of $100k. That’s a small consolation for watching the Queen of the Skies meet her final end.

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