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    Deployed Air Force Aircrew Rocks Out to Worst Song Ever

    Really, guys?  A video recently surfaced of a deployed Charleston AFB crew rocking out to Nickleback for one of their unit’s morale videos from a couple of years back.  It’s pretty funny.  In aviation, it’s an unwritten rule that in order to be aircrew you have to acknowledge that Nickleback, Daughtry and Creed all suck. […] More

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    MacDill Gulfstream hit by Flying Fish

      Birdstrike? How about a Fish Strike! A Gulfstream IV departing from MacDill Air Force Base suffered a fish-strike earlier this week on the runway.  Thats right, a FISH STRIKE! The good news is that it doesn’t appear to be a case of mutant three-eyed fish.  Instead, a bird carrying a fish was startled by […] More

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    Queen of the Skies turns 45.

    Today in 1969: the first 747-100 “jumbo jet” made its first flight.  It has a storied history.  Even today it is still nicknamed “The Queen of the Skies”.  Over the years there have been many variants of the 747 produced with the 747-8i and 747-8 still being produced today.  This current 747-8i is the heaviest […] More

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    Aleutian Tiger

    The “Aleutian Tigers” of the 343rd Fighter Group fought in one of the most harsh locales of the Second World War in the Aleutian island chain of Alaska. Not only did the Aleutian Tigers fly the P-40 Warhawk like the Flying Tigers in China, the 343rd FG was led by Lt. Col. Jack Chennault, son […] More

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    Globemaster Soaring

    Jim Mumaw, a regular contributor to took this photo last summer: “The C-17 is a huge aircraft, but as I saw this one among the clouds when I was framing my shot, it looked more to me that it was dancing effortlessly through the sky!” More

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    The Only Thing Keeping the F-35 Lightning Relevant Is the F-22 Raptor

    Even if they are primarily just cheap knockoffs, China’s rapidly growing fleet of next-gen aircraft are poised to seriously challenge American air superiority in the coming years. To prevent that, argues Chief of U.S. Air Force Air Combat Command Gen. Michael Hostage, we’ll need plenty of fifth-generation fighters of our own—no matter the cost.

    Image: Lockheed Martin


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    We don’t just love aviation.  We are ‘avgeeks’.  We live, eat, breathe, sleep and even dream of aviation.  Welcome home.  We are a team of passionate (albeit slightly geeky) fans of aviation who just want a home to be ourselves.  We post beautiful pictures, interesting news, awesome links, and detailed insight into the world of […] More

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    Be a guest writer for Do you have an interesting aviation story to share?  We want to hear about it!  We receive many requests to post content on both our Facebook Page and our blog.  Here are a couple of guidelines before you submit: Guidelines for a guest post: Your post must be aviation related and cannot […] More