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    How Does The Boeing 717 Fly All The Way To The Mainland?

    Have you ever wondered how aircraft manufacturers deliver new smaller aircraft over long distances? What about ferrying them for heavy maintenance checks? Generally speaking aircraft deliveries that are flown across the Atlantic Ocean are not a problem. There are several airports across the north, for example at St. Johns in Canada and Keflavik in Iceland. […] More

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    Dead body On Runway Makes For Rare Approaches At Honolulu International Airport

    It looked a little like the old KaiTak approach into Hong Kong yesterday at Honolulu International Airport. UPDATE  1/14/18 10:59 PM PT:  Officials are now saying that the body found on the runway was a stowaway.  We’ll share additional updates as we learn more. —————————————– This time of year, Kona winds (winds blowing from West […] More

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    Virgin America Retires Its “Redwood” Callsign and Its Operating Certificate

    Yesterday marked the official end of the existence of Virgin America as a stand-alone airline from an operating certificate perspective. While you’ll continue to see Virgin America branded aircraft and website for a little longer, the brand continues its slow march to retirement.  Officially though (as far as the FAA is concerned), both airlines are […] More

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    The Crash Pad Life: Not Everything About Flying Is Glamorous

    Its a love, hate relationship. Everybody needs a place to crash, even pilots. It’s a terrible pun but the crashpadding lifestyle has removed much of the glamour that used to surround the flying profession. Most pilots I discuss the subject of crash pads with behind the flight deck door view them as a necessary evil. […] More

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