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    Remembering The Life of Steve Bezman – YouTube’s ‘Grandpa Spotter’ left this World to Fly High

    Earlier this year the aviation and spotting community on YouTube lost a very special person. His name was Steve Bezman also known as 99carnot. Steve was an aviation lover, planespotter and passionate Youtuber from Alexandria, Virginia, located along the western bank of the Potomac River, just south of downtown Washington, D.C. SInce 2012, he posted […] More

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    When The Pope Married A Couple Onboard an Airbus A320

    In aviation the ordinary always has the potential to become extraordinary. That is precisely what happened in the cabin of a A320 on Jan 18, 2018, when Pope Francis became the first Pope to celebrate a wedding in mid-air. Shepherd One LATAM operates the Boeing B-787, B-777 and the Airbus A350, A320 aircraft. They have […] More

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    Why Did The Concorde Lower Its Nose On Approaches?

    The history of the Concorde began in 1962 when the British and French governments agreed to develop an SST (supersonic transport aircraft). The conceptualization and manufacturing of the plane was done through a joint effort between Aerospatiale and British Aerospace. The Concorde took its first flight in 1969 and only 20 Concordes were ever made. […] More

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    American Airlines Most Memorable Commercials Came After Tragedy

    Call us a sucker for sappy commercials, but even 16+ years later, these American commercials still hit you right in the feels. Less than five months after American acquired TWA, the 9-11 attacks shook the foundation of the airline industry.  American originally had high hopes for TWA. They planned to use St. Louis Lambert as […] More

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    What’s the Worst Regional Airliner?

    Alright avgeeks, let’s settle an age old debate.  One of our more popular articles we’ve posted compares the Bombardier CRJ-200 to Nickelback.  Many people agree with our assessment that the CRJ-200 is a very uncomfortable ride. We’ve had a number of people write us though to say that we’re just plane wrong.  They say that […] More

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    Gordon Bethune: The Man Who Turned Continental Airlines Around

    Gordon Bethune, the legendary CEO that turned Continental Airlines around when it was teetering on the brink of collapse, is one of the most acclaimed and colorful airline executives in U.S. history. Bethune left his operations executive position at Boeing in February 1994 and joined the troubled airline as Chief Operating Officer in the nick […] More

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