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    Five Ways Boeing Could’ve Upgraded The 757, And How It Could Influence The 797

    Back in 2002, Boeing faced the daunting decision to close the Boeing 757 line down. At the time, the United States was feeling the full effects of the air traffic downturn after the September 11th attacks. Airlines weren’t buying new aircraft and smaller airlines like Midway Airlines, Vanguard, and National were failing. Major airlines were […] More

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    Six Lieutenants Graduate From F-35 Training To Become USAF’s Youngest Lightning II Wingmen

    …And they have the video to prove it! The 62d Fighter Squadron proudly graduated its first ever  F-35 B-Course this past Saturday 13 January 2018.  Class 17-BBL was the second ever F-35 B-Course and the first all lieutenant class, making them the Air Force’s youngest F-35 wingmen. The 62d FS has played important role throughout […] More

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    The Most Rugged Business Jet Is About To Takeoff

    Avgeeks venerate the PC-24 for its state-of-the-art avionics technology. The PC-24 received EASA and FAA-type certification December 7 and is expected to enter service in late January or early February. So why does this plane have pilots squealing like school girls at a One Direction concert? Read on …. Off the Charts: More Runways, More […] More

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    Why Did The Concorde Lower Its Nose On Approaches?

    The history of the Concorde began in 1962 when the British and French governments agreed to develop an SST (supersonic transport aircraft). The conceptualization and manufacturing of the plane was done through a joint effort between Aerospatiale and British Aerospace. The Concorde took its first flight in 1969 and only 20 Concordes were ever made. […] More

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    Alaska Airlines Announces New Destinations Out of Paine Field

    Today Alaska Airlines announced the destinations it will serve from Paine Field, home of the Boeing Everett Factory just north of Seattle. Alaska Airlines is now the country’s fifth largest airline after its purchase of Virgin America last year. Lately both the airline and Seattle-Tacoma International Airport have seen a huge spike in growth. Read […] More

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    Disney Once Had The Happiest Airport on Earth

    Millions of people vacation at Walt Disney World Resort every year. But very few of them realize that when the park was first built, it had its very own airport. A quite infamous Disney World map from 1971 shows Disney airfield and its one northwest and southeast-bound runway. Passengers could catch a flight on Shawnee […] More

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    Virgin America Retires Its “Redwood” Callsign and Its Operating Certificate

    Yesterday marked the official end of the existence of Virgin America as a stand-alone airline from an operating certificate perspective. While you’ll continue to see Virgin America branded aircraft and website for a little longer, the brand continues its slow march to retirement.  Officially though (as far as the FAA is concerned), both airlines are […] More

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    Flying Cars? The Future is Now at CES 2018 in Las Vegas

    It is like a scene out of a sci-fi movie: air taxis zooming around the city, landing on heli-ports and transporting passengers to and from their daily activities. It sounds pretty futuristic, right? Well, it may not be as farfetched as you may think. Bell Helicopters is showcasing their new urban air taxi design at […] More

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