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Camera Shutter Speed Trick Makes Helicopter Look Like Its Hovering Without Blades Spinning

Did they even turn this helicopter on?  Helo appears to hove with the blades perfectly still.

Video has a tendency to make spinning airplane propellors and helicopter blades look warped.  It has to do with the shutter speed.  The blades are spinning so fast that the refresh rate of the screen and shutter speed create unique blurs and deceptive spinning motions.

But if the shutter speed is fast enough, you’ll be able to capture each blade without a blur.  Additionally, if you have a frame rate that is synchronized with the movement of the blades, it will appear as if there is absolutely no movement.

Pretty cool, huh?  While you may now know ‘why’ this helo looks like it does in this video, it still looks super weird.  Watch for yourself.



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Written by Avgeekery

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