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This C-17 Deployment Video Captures The Heart of The Airlift Mission


Up to 585,000 lbs of jet flown around the world with a whole lot of skill, dedication and heart.

C-17 pilot Jon Leechwanted to find a way to share his love of flying and the airlift mission with others.  He produced a kick ass video of his flying that would make any #avgeek proud. Here’s Jon’s story and details about the video below:

“Growing up my fondest memories were listening to the stories of when my Dad, uncles and grandpas were in the Navy. Without question I knew I was headed in the same direction, only because, even at that age, I recognized the value and importance of the skills they gained, experiences, and especially their friendships which inevitably evolved into extended family they still see today. When I was lucky, some of the stories they told of their world were supported by still pictures. They would tell the tale of when and where it was taken, why, and the crazy people who were around at that time; the band playing in random bars on random islands, the “shellback” initiation (google it…), launching missiles, etc. Looking back at it, I would pay to have had GoPros and hand-held cameras available for all of them back then; that would be the only thing that would have made it better. So, on my third deployment flying the C-17, I decided to avoid having my friends and family wish the same. This was my attempt to capture and share what I am so fortunate to see and do every time we go gear up.

The video was shot all over the world on various missions. We flew pretty frequently and at times it felt routine. However, there were some instances I will never forget and that I am fortunate to have captured. One such instance was flying a full jet of troops out of country on what happened to be our crew member’s daughter’s birthday. Unfortunately he had missed quite a few of her birthdays, but wanted to send something heart felt home to her. Watch what he does, along with other experiences I am so fortunate to have been a part of. Enjoy!”

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