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Giant Boeing 747-8 Assembled Just Like A Lego Project

The prebuilt pieces slipped together just as planned.

The great Boeing 747 is one of Boeing’s most successful commercial aircraft projects and one of the most popular, easily recognized, and well-loved aircraft for aviation enthusiasts all over the world. If you ask someone on the street to name a commercial aircraft, chances are they would say the 747. Boeing truly created a great aircraft that has withstood the test of time and has adapted and changed to meet the current needs of the airline industry whenever needed.

This video takes a look at the complete production of the 747-8 Intercontinental. To understand the 747-8, it’s important to remember what proceeded it. Prior to the 747-8, the latest and greatest queen of the skies was the -400 series. The 747-400 took its first commercial flight with Northwest in the 80’s and was the most current version of the 747 for several years until the -8 series came around in 2010. The 747-400 series has several variants including a freighter version from the 90’s in which several companies and airlines use and an extended range version released in the year 2000 for airlines like Qantas making it a more versatile aircraft.

The 747-8 is a much more efficient aircraft than the -400. The -8 features a new wing and 787-style engines. Inside, the aircraft has a Boeing Sky Interior cabin and improved systems.

It is interesting to see the stages the aircraft goes through on its way to production and its absolutely mind blowing to see just how much work is put into getting the first 747-8 into the sky. Although the -400 series is now currently being phased out within most airlines to make way for newer, more fuel efficient and aerodynamic aircraft (with Delta retiring their jets in 2017 and United in 2018), the 747-8 still solders on with a few passenger orders, some freight orders and a very special contract to be the new Air Force One. The Queen will always be an important part of modern day aviation.

Bonus: Footage of the 747-400 assembly

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