BREAKING VIDEO: Cargo 727 Airliner Crashes Through Fence in Colombia

Reports say the 4 crew died in the crash.

A Boeing 727-200 Cargo aircraft operated by Aerosucre has crashed on departure to ElDorado Airport in Colombia.  Reports say that the wreckage was found approximately 5 miles from the runway departure end at Puerto Carreno airport.

Eyewitness videos posted on Youtube by Sebastian Salazar H show the Boeing 727 rotating at the end of the runway but not lifting off the ground.  The jet then clips the fence and crosses a dirt road before lumbering in the air in a desperate attempt to gain altitude.

In a second video, you’ll see the damaged 727-200 attempting to return to the field. At around 35 seconds in the video fuel or vapor appears to be trailing from the wings with the jet steeply banked.  Tragically, the aircraft impacts the ground at around the :50 second point in the video.

Other video surfaces of the same Boeing 727 departing this field weeks earlier.

Puerto Carreno Airport (ICAO:  SKPC) in Colombia is a relatively short field by modern standards.  The runway is only 5,906 feet long.  While that is long enough for a 727 to operate, it does require careful planning of both fuel, cargo loading, and accurate TOLD prior to departure.  In October, a video was posted of the same cargo operator departing from the same runway.  In the video, the lumbering 727 rotates at what appears to be the very end of the concrete runway.  The 40 year old Boeing clears the fence by only about 10-15 feet at the departure end.

The crash of the Boeing 727 represents the second major airliner to crash in Columbia in less than a month.  Last month a BAE 146 crashed just 10 miles short of the field when the airliner ran out of fuel, killing 71 on board. Only 5 survived.